Men around the country tend to put off going to the doctor until they are extremely sick or are forced to go in for a work physical. While medical avoidance is more prevalent than it should be, men need to start thinking about obtaining proper preventative healthcare. Men’s health physicals in Tucson, AZ are a great way for men to track the state of their health on a yearly basis.

Physicals are an important for tracking function of the heart, hormone levels, cholesterol levels, and blood glucose levels. Foregoing this preventative medical care can lead to untreated diabetes, hormone level deficiencies, uncontrolled cholesterol levels, and much more. Some employers enact a physical clause for their employees. This ensures that all employees seek medical care on a yearly basis to avoid long term problems and missed days of work.

The Department of Transportation is one of these employers that mandate their employees receive a physical every 24 months. Some individuals must receive a Department of Transportation physical every 12 months depending on certain diagnosed medical conditions such as; diabetes, blood pressure issues, cholesterol issues, etc. In order to continue receiving a CDL license renewal, these Department of Transportation physicals must be passed and signed off by a qualified medical professional.

Men’s Vitality Clinic in Tucson, AZ offers men’s health physicals to men of all ages. Our experienced physicians can handle conventional or Department of Transportation physicals with ease. Our office is fully equipped, and our physicians are standing by! Our goal is to keep our patients as happy and as healthy as possible. Call today to schedule your next physical!