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Since when did you let joint pain and stiffness get in the way of shooting some hoops with the guys or going for that evening run?  Here at the Men’s Vitality Clinic, we hear the same story from men all the time. One morning they woke up and their shoulder hurt or one day their run had to be cut short because their knees hurt. Your friends and family don’t want to see you not enjoy the things you love. Take the necessary steps to treat your joint pain today and enjoy the days you have with your loved ones to the fullest.

You’ve got joints throughout your body. Some are more susceptible to injury and wear and tear than others. Men commonly complain of knee, hip, and back pain, as these are the parts of the body that get the most usage. But what does this pain mean?

First, joint pain can be caused from several different things, including old sports injuries, arthritis, or infections. It’s important to find the root of the problem before you can properly treat it. As a man, not being able to throw a ball with your child or grandchild is a big deal, not only to you, but to the rest of your family.  You’re responsible for taking care of your body and treating problems as they arise. Why live with chronic joint pain when you can step up and do something about it?

There are a few things you can do to minimize further irritation of your joints in between your doctor visits here at the Men’s Vitality Center. Some of these tips may surprise you!

  • Take your wallet out of your back pocket. When sitting for long periods of time in the car or in the office, take your wallet out of your back pocket. When you wallet is back there, it can cause pressure on the sciatic nerve as well as alignment issues with your spine. Both of these things can cause back pain.
  • Correct your car seat. Men tend to recline their car seats back a little further than they should, causing them to slouch and not support the neck. This can cause neck pain during long car rides. Adjust your seat so that it sits more upright, giving your lower back and neck support.
  • Are you a business man who carries his laptop case or bag around with him? That bag may be causing you shoulder, neck, or back pain. The case puts stress on one side of your body, effecting your back and shoulder. Some cases can even cause Tennis Elbow. Consider switching your laptop case to one with wheels or upgrade and get a lighter model.
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