Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson is Arizona’s leading men’s primary medical service provider. We believe it’s a man’s responsibility to know his body, educate himself, and take care of his health so that he can be there for his family and loved ones. Men’s health is a topic that most men don’t think twice about. Going to the doctor is certainly not your idea of fun, but finding the right men’s health clinic is crucial to keeping you feeling your best. It’s time to take care of yourself! There’s nothing masculine about ignoring facts and living in willful ignorance, so it’s time to make healthy choices today!

Diet and Fitness

Tired of living life as the soft, flabby guy? Find a better sense of masculinity with the men’s health professionals at the Men’s Vitality Center. Educate yourself on the health risks associated with those extra pounds, and let us help you with men’s weight loss programs. Don’t you think it’s time to get down to a healthy weight? This is not only for yourself, but for those who care about you. Obesity can lead to a wide range of men’s health problems, like low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, infertility, kidney stones, enlarged prostate, and prostate cancer. Not only can these things take a toll on you and your manliness, but they can also hurt your relationships and bank accounts!

Sexual Health

Speaking to anyone about sexual dysfunction, especially erectile dysfunction, is something most men avoid at all costs. The professionals at the Men’s Vitality Center can help you with all things relating to your sexual health. From low testosterone levels to other sexual conditions. It’s time to face your issues head on! You are not alone in the problems you have. In fact, it’s approximated that around 18 million men in the United States suffer from erectile dysfunction, but the numbers could be much higher, as men do not want to come forward to seek help. Be the man your significant other needs you to be!

Other Men’s Health Concerns

There are several other men’s health issues that are on the rise in our nation. For instance, type 2 diabetes in men is the most common type of diabetes, affecting 90-95% of those who have the disease. Type 2 diabetes can cause extreme damage to the body if left untreated, such as damage to the kidneys, eyes, and heart, and increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Another health concern for men is high blood pressure.  About 65 million people in the United States have some form of hypertension or high blood pressure, and many of those do not know it. High blood pressure can be induced by diets that are high in salt and lacking in essential fruits and vegetables. High alcohol intake, smoking, and sedentary lifestyles can also increase your risk of high blood pressure.

Stop by and visit or call the Men’s Vitality Center today. We’re here to provide the ultimate men’s health through the focus of masculinity and virility.