1. DOT Physicals and Type 1 Diabetes

    The Department of Transportation (DOT) has made it a point to keep their drivers in the best state of health for their own safety and the safety of others. During long drives and cross country trips, only drivers who are healthy can safely make these trips. This is one of the reasons why The Department of Transportation has mandated that their drivers take, and pass, a physical examination every …Read More

  2. Importance of Fitness for Transit Employees

    Men that work for the Department of Transportation understand how important it is to keep their bodies and minds in top shape. This is also the reason that the Department of Transportation requires men and women to renew their commercial driver's licenses every 24 months. These men that live in the Arizona seek out a qualified medical practices that offers men’s health physicals in Tucson quite …Read More

  3. How Poor Health Affects Commercial Licensing

    Many employers are now making it mandatory that their employees pass a medical examination on a regular basis. No employer is more famous for this than The Department of Transportation. The Department of Transportation puts their employees through an incredibly comprehensive medical examination every two years. Men’s Vitality Center offers men’s health physicals in Tucson, AZ that meet Depar…Read More

  4. Will Being Overweight Disqualify You From a DOT License?

    Commercial drivers that receive their license through the Department of Transportation understand that there are many conditions that will call for medical disqualification. Since the Department of Transportation wants to ensure that all of their drivers are safe and healthy, physicals are an important aspect of the license process. Many individuals have questions in regards to the terms of disqu…Read More

  5. What Everyone Should Know About DOT Physicals

    Aside from the fact that driving without a license is dangerous, it is also against the law. This is especially true if you are a commercial truck driver or hold a license through the Department of Transportation. Driving a commercial vehicle can be incredibly tedious because it means long, stationary hours with no help. This is the reason why the Department of Transportation has set such strict m…Read More

  6. DOT Physicals and Certified Medical Examiners

    Any man or women that works as a driver through the Department of Transportation knows that they must undergo a physical examination every 24 months. Some of these drivers that are plagued by medical issues may need to undergo these physicals at shorter intervals. Regardless, these physical examinations are incredibly important and can only be completed by qualified medical professionals. For thos…Read More

  7. At What Age Should Physicals Begin?

    Every individual understands that physicals are a way for the physician and the patient to track health changes from year to year. These appointments focus on disease screening, risk of health problems (heart disease, diabetes, etc.), vaccine updates, and the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. When these appointments are kept on a regular basis it is much easier to maintain good health and pr…Read More

  8. Importance of Men’s Health Physicals

    Men have a bad reputation when it comes to keeping up with their health and well-being. Many studies have shown that most men will forego regular and preventative health services more often than their female counterparts. It is important that men of all ages begin to care more about their health by scheduling (and keeping) routine medical visits. Tucson men’s health physicals that are available …Read More

  9. Why Visual Acuity is Important

    Have you ever wondered why the Department of Transportation has set such strict regulations for their drivers? The multi-page men’s health physical exam may be extremely daunting, but the regulations make perfect sense. Those that are certified through the department of transportation undergo rigorous medical testing to ensure that they will be safe while on the road for long hours. This is the …Read More

  10. Prone to Seizures?

    The Department of Transportation is incredibly strict about their physical examinations, and for good reason. Long haul and other commercial drivers spend a lot of time on the road. Any driver that does not meet physical standards may not be as safe on the road as the Department of Transportation would like. Due to the increased demands on drivers, there are many different medical conditions that …Read More