Are you feeling depressed, out of energy, and generally unlike yourself? Have you experienced sexual dysfunction or low libido? If so, you might be experiencing the symptoms of low testosterone. While many men recognize that they could benefit from testosterone treatment, many of them are afraid to seek it out. Talking about depression and sexual dysfunction can be uncomfortable for all of us, and this discomfort can be increased when you’re in dialogue with someone that you aren’t intimately familiar with. In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips that can increase your comfort when talking to your doctor about the symptoms of low testosterone.

Share Your Symptoms

Start by making a list of your symptoms as soon as you begin to experience them. Not only can this save you the trouble of having to remember each symptom during your visit, but it can provide your doctor with a substantial amount of valuable data. The more data the doctor has access to, the better. Knowing the severity and duration of your symptoms can help your doctor to more quickly and accurately diagnose you, which can increase the speed and effectiveness of your treatment.

While it can be difficult, honesty is always the best policy when it comes to your health. While it can be embarrassing to disclose information about your lifestyle or symptoms, the only way that your doctor can help you is by knowing what they need to treat. The symptoms of low testosterone can be caused or exacerbated by other conditions, so if you’re concerned that low testosterone levels are causing your symptoms, you should be completely honest with your doctor. While doctors go through rigorous training to become health professionals, they’re not all-knowing.

Schedule an Appointment

The first thing that everyone should know is that doctors and their staff are not paid to judge you. It’s highly likely that they took up their professions because they have a passion for helping others, and remembering this point can make it easier to schedule your initial appointment. Also, they have a moral and legal responsibility to never share your health information, so you don’t have to worry about anything leaving the doctor’s office.

Even if you’re comfortable with your doctor, it might be uncomfortable to speak with the staff regarding the reason for your visit. A nurse will often take your vital signs as well as some notes on why you’ve come to the clinic. If you’re feeling self-conscious or embarrassed about your symptoms, simply say that you would like to talk to the doctor about your testosterone levels, leaving the specific details out. If you’re feeling incredibly self-conscious or embarrassed about your symptoms, you may want to send your doctor an email before your visit. Ask the front office staff for your doctor’s email address, and be sure to send your email at least three or four days before your appointment.

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