Testosterone is a hormone that can be found in both men and women, however men have much higher levels. The production of testosterone tends to increase in men during puberty and starts to decrease after the age of 30. Some studies suggest that for each year over the age of 30, men’s testosterone levels begin to slowly dip at a rate of roughly one percent per year. While a decrease in testosterone levels is a natural result of aging, if a man’s body isn’t producing enough of this hormone they can experience an array of negative effects. The testosterone in the body help to maintain several different bodily functions in men, including:

  • Sex Drive
  • Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Fat Distribution
  • Sperm Production
  • Bone Density
  • Red Blood Cell Production

Signs You Have Low Testosterone Levels

Low Sex Drive

While men can experience a wide range of symptoms if their testosterone levels are too low, one of the most common is a low sex drive. Testosterone plays a key role in the libido or sex drive of men, and many men experience a decline in their sex drive if their levels are too low. While it’s common for a man’s testosterone levels to decrease with age, if you experience a drastic drop in your desire to have sex, contact a men’s physician right away.

Trouble Having An Erection

A man’s levels of testosterone can have a huge impact on his ability to maintain an erection. While testosterone itself doesn’t cause an erection, the hormone stimulates receptors in the brain to produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a molecule that helps to trigger a series of internal chemical reactions that are necessary for an erection to occur. In addition to low testosterone levels, other health problems may play a role in erectile difficulties including:

  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid Issues
  • High Cholesterol
  • Alcohol
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Depression
  • Stress and Anxiety

If you have trouble getting an erection, contact the experienced physicians at the Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson today. We’ve helped hundreds of men improve their sex drive through our testosterone replacement therapy treatments, and we’ll do everything we can to help you.

Hair Loss

Did you know that testosterone plays a role in hair production? While balding is a natural part of aging for most men, those suffering with low testosterone levels may experience a loss of body and facial hair as well.

Mood Changes

In addition to the physical changes, low levels of testosterone can also affect men on an emotional level. The condition can leave men feeling sad or depressed, and it can have a negative effect on your overall well being. Low levels of testosterone have also been shown to degrade memory and concentration as well, which can lead to decreased levels of self-confidence.

If you or a loved has is experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, it could be time to schedule an appointment with your doctor. If you live near Tucson and you’re looking for a men’s healthcare physician to discuss your low levels of testosterone, contact the Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson today.