If you’re like many men in the Tucson area, then you might have a few bad health habits that you know you should break, but haven’t yet. Maybe you’ve been yo-yo dieting for a few years and need to shed a few pounds, or perhaps you haven’t had a physical since you were in high school. In today’s post, we’ll explore four different health mistakes men commonly make. If you routinely make any of these mistakes, know that it’s not too late to stop!

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Are You Making Any of These Health Mistakes?

Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is defined as consuming a large amount of alcohol in one sitting, and for men specifically, five or more in a short period of time. While almost everyone drinks and has a few too many in college, regular binge drinking can lead to several serious health problems.

First, drinking excessive quantities of alcohol can cause serious liver damage. Many long-term binge drinkers suffer from fatty liver disease and reduced liver function, and you don’t want to find yourself suddenly needing serious treatment due to overindulging. Excessive drinking can also lead to high blood pressure, low blood sugar, and severe dehydration. 

If these potential problems aren’t enough to make you think twice about binge drinking, you should know that overindulging can also lead to low testosterone levels, which can in turn cause a number of problematic symptoms which we will discuss in more detail below.

In short, cutting down on your alcohol consumption is one of the best ways to improve your short- and long-term health. If you feel like you have trouble controlling your drinking habits, then speak to your physician to learn more about resources that can help you manage your consumption.

Skipping Regular Physicals

When was the last time that you scheduled a physical exam? You don’t have to lie — we know that for many men, scheduling a physical exam is a lot like flossing. They know that it’s something they should be doing, but never actually find the time to do. That being said, regular physicals are a critical component of preventative health care. Physical exams provide your physician with the opportunity to evaluate ongoing health conditions, speak to you about your concerns, and check in on any medications you may be taking.

If it’s been a while since your last visit to our men’s health clinic, why not take this opportunity to schedule an appointment?

Forgetting About Heart Health

Most men aren’t worried about their heart health, but they should be. Maybe your dad struggled with high cholesterol, or perhaps your grandfather had a heart attack at some point in his life. You’re healthy, though, and you would probably know if you were at risk of a heart attack, right? It turns out that heart problems can affect men of any age, especially if your family has a history of heart problems. However, you should be monitoring your heart health under the guidance of a physician after you turn 30, regardless of whether heart disease and other cardiac issues run in your family.

Ignoring the Signs of Low Testosterone

Too many men ignore the signs and symptoms of low testosterone. Sometimes they’re embarrassed to discuss their symptoms with their doctor, and at other times, they simply write off their issues and resolve to tough it out. The following issues are all symptoms of low testosterone levels, and if you are experiencing any of them, then you should come to Men’s Vitality Center for a testosterone replacement therapy evaluation.

  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Loss of strength and muscle mass
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Demotivation
  • Low sex drive
  • Difficulty maintaining an erection

These symptoms can occur in combination or individually. Even if the cause of your symptoms is ultimately something other than low testosterone, it’s important to have your health concerns evaluated by a men’s health professional. We’ll work to have you treated and feeling better as soon as possible!

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