A low sex drive can be one of the first signs that your testosterone levels are low. Our Tucson men’s health clinic treats patients every day for low testosterone levels through our hormone replacement therapy and many of them came into our clinic initially looking for reasons behind their low sex drive. Researchers aren’t entirely sure why low testosterone levels often lead to a lower libido; the hormone isn’t the only reason for your sex drive, though there certainly seems to be a link between the two. That might not be the only cause, though, and it’s important that you don’t assume you know the reason for your low sex drive.

Other Reasons for Low Libido


It doesn’t matter where the stress is coming from; it all has an impact on your sex drive. Stress from work, family, friends, and money can all have a negative impact on your libido even with your testosterone levels are fine. When you have a lot on your mind, it’s tough to concentrate on your sex life.


It’s hard to feel up for sex when you really just want to take a nap. If you aren’t getting enough sleep or aren’t getting quality sleep, your sex life can suffer. Get to the root cause of your lack of z’s, fix that, and your sex drive will likely come right back. A doctor can help you determine if there is a medical reason behind your sleepless nights or prescribe something that can help.


You might not be getting the opportunity for sex right now. Maybe you aren’t in a relationship, are too busy with work, or have a new baby at home. If the opportunity isn’t there, your sex drive might not be, either. Eliminating distractions or getting back into the dating pool can reignite your libido.


Men who are clinically depressed often have low libidos. When you are feeling anxious or depressed it can be tough to feel in the mood for sex, too. Getting on a medication or going through talk therapy can help. Your doctor can make a recommendation for a good therapist who can help.

Medical Illness

Both major and minor illnesses can deplete your libido. Maybe you’ve had the flu or you are battling a serious illness. Your body needs the energy to fight the illness and might not have anything left to give to your libido. Give yourself time to heal from your illness and you should see an improvement in your libido, too.

Your Sex Drive is Personal

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to sex drive is that it’s a very personal thing. What one man considers to be a low libido might be normal for another man or even high for someone else. What’s important is what feels right to you and your partner. If you are both happy with your sex life, that’s fine. If you aren’t happy with it and want to increase the frequency of sex, then it’s time to uncover why your sex drive is low and find the right solution.

How to Discover the Cause of Your Low Libido

The best way to uncover the root cause of your low libido is to see a doctor. Our Tucson men’s health clinic offers testing and evaluations that can help us determine whether or not low testosterone levels are playing a part in your sex drive. If your levels are low, we can start you on low testosterone replacement therapy right away and you’ll be enjoying the benefits in just six to eight weeks. If your testosterone levels seem to be within the normal range, we can help you uncover other underlying reasons for your low libido and develop a care plan that can make an improvement.

Are you tired of never feeling in the mood? Do you want to reconnect with your partner physically? Do you miss the sex life that you used to enjoy? Don’t assume that a low sex drive is simply a part of growing older. There is so much that can be done to help you regain your libido and get more satisfaction from your sex life. Get in touch with our Tucson men’s health clinic today to learn more and to get started with treatment options today.