Having a low libido can be frustrating and isolating. Our low testosterone replacement therapy in Tuscon has helped many of our male patients experience a resurgence in their libido, reconnecting them with their partners and helping them regain a vitality and confidence that they thought was gone from their life for good. Some patients report that they were reluctant to come in for treatment at first and instead wanted to try at-home remedies themselves before seeking our help. In some cases, if the reason behind your low libido isn’t medical, these methods could provide some results. If you are looking for at-home remedies for your low libido, here are some that you can try before seeking help from our medical team.

At Home Remedies for Low Libido

Add a few special items to your diet.

While studies are inconclusive about the effectiveness of certain foods on your libido, there isn’t really any harm in trying. Pomegranates, chocolate, and avocado are all supposed to be libido-boosting foods that have other health benefits, too. Increase your intake in your diet and see if it makes a difference for you. If it doesn’t, at least you got to eat some great tasting food.

Check on your self-confidence.

Some men experience low libido because they aren’t feeling good about themselves. Check in on your self-confidence and ask yourself if this is the real reason behind your low sex drive. If you think it might be, look for ways to boost your confidence. That might include losing weight, building up muscle, or even learning some new skills in the bedroom. All of these things can help boost your confidence. Counseling and talk therapy might also help.

Cut out the alcohol.

Alcohol can have a negative effect on your sex drive, especially if you are drinking it to excess. Stick with just one glass of wine or drink at dinner and see if that helps increase your sex drive. Your waistline will thank you, too. Alcohol can make issues with erectile dysfunction worse, too, compounding your issues in the bedroom.

Reduce your stress.

Stress can have a huge effect on your libido. When you are feeling stressed, you are much less likely to feel like you are ready for an intimate encounter. That’s true even if it isn’t your relationship that’s causing the stress, and it’s being caused by work or other factors instead. Reduce your stress if you can; if you can’t, help manage your stress by eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and exercising more.

Get counseling.

If there is no medical reason behind your low libido, then the cause may be psychological. There is no shame in getting help through counseling to help you manage stress and discovering the underlying cause of your low sex drive. Talk to your doctor to see if they can offer a referral to a counselor in your area. Talk therapy can help you work out issues that you are having both in and out of the bedroom.

What To Do If These Efforts Don’t Work

While many men are eager to try at-home methods before they seek medical help for their low libido, it’s important to determine if there is an underlying medical cause. If there is, your doctor can develop a treatment plan that can help you overcome your symptoms and regain your sex drive. Often, the cause of low libido has to do with decreasing testosterone levels. A simple test in our office can determine if that’s the case, and if it is, we can start you with a low testosterone replacement therapy regimen right away. In a matter of months (although some patients start to experience the benefits in just a few weeks) you’ll see a reversal of many of the symptoms of low-T, including low libido, weight gain, and feelings of hopelessness.

Let us help you find the solution to your low libido issues. The sooner you discover the cause behind your symptoms, the sooner you can get the treatment that you need. We’re here to help with a number of services, including our low testosterone replacement therapy. Give us a call or contact us through our website to make an appointment to visit our clinic in Tucson today.