One of the most important pieces of advice that we give patients about cholesterol management in our Tucson clinic is this: eat the right foods. It’s possible to reduce your cholesterol levels through a healthy diet instead of only through medication. These dietary changes are easy to make and work to naturally lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, both of which are good for your heart and lower your risk for serious medical issues like heart attack and stroke.

So what should you be eating to take down cholesterol? Here are some of our favorite cholesterol-busting foods to add to your diet.

Best Heart Healthy Food Options


Replace your current breakfast with a bowl of oatmeal for a heart-healthy start to your day. Load it up with bananas for an even bigger dose of heart-healthy ingredients. If hot oatmeal isn’t your thing, look for cereals made from oats. Cheerios are a good example.  Just check the labels and make sure whatever oats you are eating are loaded with soluble fiber. Replacing one meal a day with oatmeal or a cereal that’s high in oat content can have a big impact on your cholesterol levels.

Fatty Fish

Love sushi? You are in luck. Your favorite slice of salmon is actually great for your heart. Salmon, herring, and mackerel are all examples of fatty fish. They are packed with Omega 3’s which offer all sorts of benefits to your body, not just your heart. Try increasing your consumption of fatty fish to two or three times a week and see if it has a positive impact on your cholesterol levels.


Feel free to chomp down on some almonds and cashews, just make sure you skip the salt. Salt can have a negative effect on your cholesterol, but the actual nuts themselves are actually beneficial. Nuts are packed with good fats that help keep your heart (and other internal systems) in great shape. Try eating a handful a day as a mid-afternoon snack. They are packed with protein, too, so they are great for an energy boost.

Red Wine

For many of our patients, this is their favorite thing on the list. Having a glass of red wine with your dinner can actually have a positive effect on your heart. Look for wines made with Tempranillo grapes. They are high in fiber and other heart-helping ingredients. Don’t drink to excess, though; one glass a night will be enough to get the benefits.


Keep eating all the avocado toast you want. That tasty green treat is good for your heart. Avocado may be able to help raise your good cholesterol while it’s lowering your bad cholesterol, too, giving you a double win for heart health. Plant-based fats are great for the heart, and avocados are high in them.

Need More Help With Cholesterol Management?

Of course, if keeping your cholesterol under control was as easy as eating these delicious foods, then no one would have a cholesterol issue. So while some people may experience a degree of success with lowering their cholesterol through dietary changes, it’s not going to work for everyone. Some people might need additional help with their cholesterol levels. If you are struggling with your cholesterol management, it’s time to make an appointment with our team in Tucson. We can help you identify any underlying cause of your high cholesterol levels and work with you to help lower them. Don’t let high cholesterol get you down. Let our team help with a customized care plan that meets your needs. Make an appointment with us by giving us a call or contacting us through our website today.