1. How Men’s Health Problems Differ From Women

    Gender stereotypes are very real but not for the reasons that you would assume. While men may be the “bigger and stronger” sex, they are also the weaker sex when it comes to health. There are also very common health problems that affect men at a much higher rate than their female counterparts. There are also health problems that only affect men. With this being said, when was the last time tha…Read More

  2. Managing Cholesterol Naturally

    High cholesterol has become a huge problem with many detrimental effects. Unfortunately, many people do not fully understand how high cholesterol developes. More and more Americans are being affected by high levels of cholesterol which will then cause clogging of the arteries. Since high cholesterol levels are precursors to heart disease and other serious health effects, Americans need to learn ho…Read More

  3. Combatting Sleep Apnea

    Sleep apnea is becoming a major health concern for many American men. It seems as though the incidence of sleep apnea continues to grow steadily each year. Sleep apnea is a disturbance of breathing during sleep. Since sleep apnea causes sudden cessation of breathing, it can be cause for concern. There are two different forms of sleep apnea that can be treated by different Tucson men’s health ser…Read More