1. What You Need To Know About Vasectomies

    At Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson, our patients often come to us looking for advice on birth control methods. While there are not many methods of male birth control out there, there is one permanent option that many men consider: vasectomies. What is a vasectomy? A vasectomy is a surgery that prevents sperm from being released upon ejaculation. During a vasectomy, the vas deferens are cut, clam…Read More

  2. Is It Really Healthier to Be Gluten Free?

    The gluten-free diet has recently become extremely popular. When you walk the aisles of the grocery store today, more and more, you see foods labelled “gluten-free.” While this is great news for those who cannot consume gluten for health reasons, many people who are buying these products do not have a health condition like celiac disease. Many people have misconceptions about eating gluten fre…Read More

  3. The Dangers of Secondhand Smoke

    At Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson, we often see smokers, as well as the people who love them. If you don’t smoke yourself, you may not spend much time worrying about the impact tobacco has on your health. Unfortunately, the dangers of tobacco are not restricted solely to those who choose to smoke it; it can also have a profound negative impact on the people around them through secondhand smok…Read More