1. Warning Signs Of Men’s Health Problems

    Men have a bad habit of putting off preventative medical visits until the problems become too severe. This means that most men will only visit their physician when they feel terrible, or are on the verge of needing emergency care. This is not to say that some men do not visit the doctor on a regular basis even when they feel healthy, but just that many men skip preventative visits. Every man shoul…Read More

  2. Things You May Not Know About High Blood Pressure

    High blood pressure is an incredibly common diagnosis among Americans. High blood pressure is also a disorder that is not easily diagnosed as there are very few outward signs of the inward problem. Unhealthy blood pressure levels will negatively impact the overall health and well-being of the cardiovascular system. Unfortunately, this is a problem that cannot be cured, only treated. Understanding …Read More

  3. Factors That Increase Risk Of Diabetes

    As type 2 diabetes becomes a more prevalent diagnosis a better understanding of risk factors and unhealthy lifestyle choices must at the forefront of any diabetes management plan. Type 2 diabetes can be controlled if a physician is made aware, but often this comes later down the road. This form of diabetes does not affect every person, but there are certain factors that increase the risk of develo…Read More

  4. How Diabetes Affects Testosterone

    One thing that many men do not understand is the fact that diabetes and low testosterone are often diseases that affect a man at the same time. Research is finding that men that are affected by diabetes are more likely to suffer from low testosterone. While one doesn’t necessarily mean the other, they often affect men at the same time. For these men, it is important to learn how testosterone rep…Read More

  5. Low-T In A Younger Population

    Low testosterone is usually a problem that affects older men. Most people do not even realize that low testosterone can affect young, healthy men. In fact, low testosterone can affect any mature male at any age. While this problem is not very common among young men, it does not mean that it does not happen. No matter the reason, low testosterone in a young and otherwise healthy male is not normal.…Read More

  6. Complications Associated With High Blood Pressure

    Blood pressure is an incredibly important aspect of overall health. Blood pressure is recorded as two separate, but very important numbers; systolic and diastolic. Systolic is the top number, while the diastolic number is the bottom. Healthy blood pressure numbers give a medical professional a good view of the overall health of the heart’s arteries. High numbers correspond to increased pressure …Read More

  7. Managing Diabetes

    As diabetes becomes a more prevalent problem, learning how to manage the disease is necessary for adults and children alike. Since type 1 and type 2 diabetes can affect men and women of any age, proper education and diabetes management programs need to be put into action at a much earlier stage in the disease. Living a long and healthy life while dealing with diabetes is not a far-fetched idea. Me…Read More

  8. Infographic: Basic Understanding of Testosterone

    Helping men understand the basics of testosterone is a stepping stone for helping them with low testosterone replacement therapy options in Tucson, AZ. Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for many different aspects of male health and well-being. Unfortunately, this hormone is not well understood among the normal populations so problems may fall through the cracks. Abnormal production of …Read More

  9. Learning To Control High Blood Pressure

    High blood pressure is one of the most common problems that physicians deal with on a daily basis. High blood pressure can affect men and women of any age. An important thing to remember is that high blood pressure often goes unchecked because there are very few outward symptoms of this inward problem. There are many different ways in which an individual can control their high blood pressure, and …Read More

  10. Weight & Low Testosterone

    By now most men understand that testosterone is an incredibly important hormone that is responsible for more than just sexual function. Most men are also realizing that low testosterone can be caused by more than one factor. This is just one of the reasons why men have a hard time understanding testosterone as a whole. Typically when a man is suffering from the most common symptoms of low testoste…Read More