1. Factors That Increase Risk Of Diabetes

    As type 2 diabetes becomes a more prevalent diagnosis a better understanding of risk factors and unhealthy lifestyle choices must at the forefront of any diabetes management plan. Type 2 diabetes can be controlled if a physician is made aware, but often this comes later down the road. This form of diabetes does not affect every person, but there are certain factors that increase the risk of develo…Read More

  2. 10 Things To Know About Cholesterol

    Understanding cholesterol can be very difficult without specialized knowledge of the human body. High cholesterol is becoming a bigger issue among Americans, and the instance of diagnosis is on the rise. Misconceptions about cholesterol are leading people to have a fear of cholesterol in all forms. What many people do not know is that there are bad and good forms of cholesterol. For individuals wh…Read More

  3. How Diet Affects Cholesterol Levels

    In a world that is becoming more focused on health and well-being, more of an effort is being put into the everyday diet. Most people understand when they are diagnosed with high cholesterol, the foods they once enjoyed are limited or off limits. Unfortunately, many Americans do not know their everyday diet was in part responsible for their high cholesterol diagnosis. For men in the Tucson area wh…Read More

  4. Managing Diabetes

    As diabetes becomes a more prevalent problem, learning how to manage the disease is necessary for adults and children alike. Since type 1 and type 2 diabetes can affect men and women of any age, proper education and diabetes management programs need to be put into action at a much earlier stage in the disease. Living a long and healthy life while dealing with diabetes is not a far-fetched idea. Me…Read More

  5. Natural Ways To Improve Cholesterol Levels

    Cholesterol levels are incredibly important to an individual's overall health. Unfortunately, there are no outward symptoms of high cholesterol levels until it is too late. This is the reason why preventative medical visits are so important to the health and well-being of patients everywhere. When cholesterol levels begin to get out of hand there are alternative cholesterol management options in T…Read More

  6. What is Type 2 Diabetes

    Diabetes is becoming one of the most prevalent medical conditions in the United States. There are two forms of diabetes; Type 1 and Type 2. Type 2 diabetes is more common and affects millions of Americans. While Type 2 diabetes is more commonly diagnosed within the adult population it can affect men, women, and children. Many Americans that are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes have a difficult time …Read More

  7. How Heart Disease Changes Your Lifestyle

    Heart disease (or cardiovascular disease) is responsible for more deaths among men than any other disease or condition. Heart disease is a general term that encompasses many disorders of the heart and blood vessels. Cholesterol and high blood pressure are very important when looked at in regards to heart and blood vessel health. Heart disease can truly affect the way in which men will live their l…Read More

  8. Diabetes & Male Health

    Diabetes is a health problem that is on the rise. Over the years diabetes have been diagnosed in millions of Americans. Diabetes affects men and women of all ages.  Health professionals believe that diabetes is undiagnosed in millions of American men and women. Unfortunately for men, diabetes can have more negative side effects than those strictly associated with blood glucose levels. Finding a m…Read More

  9. Common Men’s Health Issues

    Unlike women, men tend to wait to see their physicians until they are well on their way to being very ill. This means that some men never know that their bodies are not functioning at 100%. The wait-it-out method is all the rage for men. This isn’t a personal thought, this is a fact that is based on multiple male health studies that have been conducted throughout the United States. Some health c…Read More