1. Men and Suicide: A Silent Epidemic

    The statistics are staggering: men are four times more likely to die by suicide than women. This figure may be growing; men accounted for seven out of 10 suicides in 2014. Suicide is the seventh leading cause of death for men. Less than half of men who died by suicide sought professional help before attempting suicide, as opposed to around 70 percent of women. Despite these horrifying statistics, …Read More

  2. Is It Really Healthier to Be Gluten Free?

    The gluten-free diet has recently become extremely popular. When you walk the aisles of the grocery store today, more and more, you see foods labelled “gluten-free.” While this is great news for those who cannot consume gluten for health reasons, many people who are buying these products do not have a health condition like celiac disease. Many people have misconceptions about eating gluten fre…Read More

  3. Common Challenges to Your Fitness Routine

    By now, you are well-aware that exercise is crucial to your physical and mental health. Not only does exercise help you maintain a healthy weight, it can fight against disease, improve your mood, give you energy, help you sleep, and can be quite fun! However, despite how well you know this, it’s still challenging for many of us to stick to a fitness routine. There are plenty of obstacles that ca…Read More

  4. 6 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

    Chances are, at some point in your life, you have experienced a symptom that you could not explain. Whether it was slight gastrointestinal discomfort or a sneezing fit, you may have shrugged it off as nothing and gone about your day. While there are certain causes of these symptoms that don’t warrant alarm — indigestion from lunch or seasonal allergies, for example — there are certain sympto…Read More

  5. Preventing Teen Depression

    Teens have a variety of health concerns that, while not strictly unique to them, affect them in a unique way. One example is depression. While adults and teens alike can become depressed, because teens do not have the life experience or independence of adults, depression can feel particularly overwhelming. They may not realize they are depressed if they have not been exposed to it before, and they…Read More