1. Help! I’m Confused About Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    Confusing surrounding testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson, AZ is completely understandable. Understanding how hormones work within the human body can take a long time to master. With all of the advertisements on television, magazines, and social media, how do you choose the right testosterone replacement therapy? How do you even know that you are a candidate for testosterone replacement the…Read More

  2. Causes of Low Testosterone

    Testosterone is by far the most important male sex hormone. It occurs naturally within the male and the female body. Testosterone levels are much higher within males, and are produced by the testicles and the adrenal glands. Unfortunately testosterone production can decrease for a variety of different reasons. When testosterone levels dip below a certain point, men will begin to suffer from side e…Read More

  3. Why is Testosterone Important?

    Chances are that you have heard the term “testosterone” before. Whether or not you fully understand what testosterone is might be another conversation. Testosterone is incredibly important to the overall health of men and women! When medical professionals talk about testosterone, they are talking about the naturally occurring hormone within the human body. For men who suffer from low testoster…Read More

  4. Physician Guided Weight Loss for Men

    Weight loss is one of the major health issues that most Americans face. When you are constantly on the move it is hard to get into a healthy routine. Skipping meals, skipping the gym, eating less than nutritious food, irregular sleeping patterns, alcohol and many other bad habits can all negatively affect overall health. Unhealthy lifestyles are not the only cause of irregular weight gain in men. …Read More