1. Infographic: Basic Understanding of Testosterone

    Helping men understand the basics of testosterone is a stepping stone for helping them with low testosterone replacement therapy options in Tucson, AZ. Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for many different aspects of male health and well-being. Unfortunately, this hormone is not well understood among the normal populations so problems may fall through the cracks. Abnormal production of …Read More

  2. Weight & Low Testosterone

    By now most men understand that testosterone is an incredibly important hormone that is responsible for more than just sexual function. Most men are also realizing that low testosterone can be caused by more than one factor. This is just one of the reasons why men have a hard time understanding testosterone as a whole. Typically when a man is suffering from the most common symptoms of low testoste…Read More

  3. Low Testosterone & Self Confidence

    Men that suffer from low testosterone can be affected in many noticeable ways. Sex drive may decrease, muscle tone may decrease, body fat may increase, and much more. Many men also suffer unseen side effects of low testosterone. These side effects will affect a man's emotional well-being as well as their overall self confidence. Men that suffer from low testosterone often state that their self con…Read More

  4. Low Testosterone & Associated Myths

    Men that suffer from low testosterone have a difficult time understanding this condition because there are so many myths that surround the topic of low testosterone. As with many other areas of men’s health, too many sources mean that it is difficult to separate the truth from common misconceptions. Men that suffer from low testosterone may want to inquire about testosterone replacement therapy…Read More

  5. Exercise and Testosterone

    Every single man is looking for the fountain of youth. Most men are worried about naturally decreasing testosterone levels. Still others are worried about developing low testosterone and suffering from the adverse side effects. Regardless, men are taking many different avenues to head off the effects of aging. As men leave their 20’s behind they are faced with the knowledge that their natural te…Read More

  6. Diagnosing Low Testosterone

    There is information galore that surrounds the subject of low testosterone. Every personal trainer, fitness blogger, and fitness fanatic is an “expert” on testosterone levels. Just typing anything related to testosterone into Google will yield thousands of results. While there are literally thousands of sources to look at, there are very few places where you can get a real diagnosis in regards…Read More

  7. Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Young Men

    Contrary to popular belief, low testosterone is not just a problem that men over the age of 50 have to deal with. Low testosterone is something that men of any age may face. While it is much more common in men with advancing age, young men are also affected. Many scientific studies are showing that many men under the age of 30 can have changing testosterone levels at almost the same rate as older …Read More

  8. Interesting Facts About Testosterone

    A lot of men are looking to learn and understand more about testosterone and how it can help/affect their overall health. Since low testosterone has been brought into the media on a regular basis, more men are becoming aware of the negative side effects that are associated with low testosterone. Many of these men seek professional advice from their physicians on whether they are candidates for tes…Read More

  9. Is Erectile Dysfunction Linked to Low Testosterone?

    Many people think of low testosterone and erectile dysfunction as one and the same. Contrary to popular belief, these are two different, but very similar medical conditions. There is a belief in the medical world that low testosterone levels can affect erectile dysfunction but the cause is still unknown. Men often suffer from erectile dysfunction without also suffering from low testosterone levels…Read More

  10. Possible Negative Side Effects of Low Testosterone

    Male related health services have been all over the news recently. One of the most prevalent topics of conversation revolves around the need for testosterone replacement therapy due to abnormally low levels of testosterone. Low testosterone affects a lot of men and does not discriminate based on age, race, or fitness level. Due to the fact that low testosterone can affect a man in a very negative…Read More