1. Get Out of That Funk with Bioidentical Hormones for Men

    Battling depression is never easy, and if you've found yourself in a funk over the past few months, there could be many factors that are contributing to your change in mood and outlook on life. For men, one of those factors could very well be low testosterone levels, and the only way to overcome depression could be to fix those levels. At The Men's Vitality Center in Tucson, we can supply bioident…Read More

  2. Is Hormone Therapy Right For You?

    When the phrases "hormone therapy" or "testosterone replacement" are spoken, people may draw back or dismiss them, thinking that "I don't need hormone replacement." For men, they may not even know that their testosterone levels are low, and is the reason behind their fatigue or decreased sex drive. At the Men's Vitality Center, we can explain how our hormone therapy for men in Tucson has benefited…Read More

  3. Can Young Men Experience Low Testosterone Levels?

    Men who've reached a certain age may expect their bodies to slow down and their energy level to decrease, but younger men often expect their bodies and energy to keep up with everything they do. From puberty to the mid-twenties, men experience growth and changes that develop who they are and how their bodies will look. But can young men experience low testosterone levels? The answer is yes, and at…Read More

  4. Help With Diabetes Management in Tucson

    We spoke yesterday on the issue of weight loss, and one condition that can accompany excess weight is adult onset diabetes. With a diet that contains high amounts of sugar and refined carbohydrates, the body can begin to have a tough time breaking down those sugars. Just because you think a few extra pounds isn't hurting doesn't mean that there aren't things happening inside your body, and if your…Read More

  5. Shed Those Extra Pounds with Weight Loss for Men in Tucson

    With the holidays nearly over, you may be looking at yourself in the mirror and wondering where those extra pounds suddenly came from. While your holiday eating can't be the sole purpose behind your extra weight, it may not have helped if you overindulged this December. At the Men's Vitality Center, we want to help with weight loss for men in Tucson, and see men feel proud of their bodies once mor…Read More

  6. Has It Been Awhile Since You Had a Physical Exam?

    As you were growing up, your parents took you to the doctor for regular checkups, beginning when you were a baby and continuing into adolescence. Once you entered high school, you most likely had a physical exam before you tried out for the various sports teams, whether it was baseball, football, basketball, or track. Your school very likely had a policy that only students that had completed a phy…Read More

  7. Take One Step Closer to Your Commercial Driver’s License

    If you're looking to enter the world of trucking and begin your career as a commercial driver, there are several steps you must take to receive your commercial driver's license (CDL). Completing a CDL physical is one of them, and at the Men's Vitality Center in Tucson, AZ, we can help you with that step. As of last May, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) required that all medi…Read More

  8. Visit Us for Your DOT Physical in Tucson

    As a truck driver, you spend hours on the road, transporting goods from place to place. You enjoy the solidarity of the job, as well as meeting people in places all over the country. The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires drivers to be physically sound and up-to-date on their health checks, and that's why Men's Vitality Center of Tucson offers convenient DOT physicals at our clinic. Our …Read More

  9. Less Energy? Learn More About Low Testosterone Treatment in Tucson

    As a man, you used to bound out of bed each morning, ready to take on the day ahead. Perhaps you got in a quick workout, ate a healthy breakfast, and then headed off to work. After the workday was over, you went for a run and then home to eat a delicious meal and spend time with your family. You looked forward to each day with enthusiasm and vigor, but as you've aged, you've had to slowly cross …Read More

  10. Can Low T Treatment Help You?

    At Men's Vitality Center, we met men of all ages and health levels that have questions about testosterone. A decreased energy level or lack of interest in activities they once loved can easily be chalked up to getting older, but for men that want to stay active, there may be another reason for this slowdown. After passing age 30, men can experience a decrease in testosterone levels, causing them t…Read More