1. How Obesity Harms Your Health

    Excess weight should always be taken seriously. Even carrying a few extra pounds around the midsection can shorten your lifespan and increase your risk of developing diabetes and other serious health problems. Clinical obesity is a chronic disease generally defined by a person’s body mass index, or BMI. Your BMI is a function of your height and weight, and people who weigh more than 20 percent o…Read More

  2. 3 Exercises to Increase Your Testosterone Levels

    We all know that exercise is beneficial to our health. Daily exercise has been proven to improve sleep quality, reduce stress, and burn excess weight. In addition to burning the fat that may be contributing to decreasing testosterone levels, many studies have shown a direct link between exercise and increased testosterone levels. Testosterone is a naturally occuring male hormone and plays a crucia…Read More

  3. Stress, Cortisol, and Low Testosterone

    Did you know that stress is more than just a feeling of pressure or anxiety? Stress can come in many different forms and can negatively affect your testosterone levels. In this piece, we’ll examine some of the different forms that stress can take, as well as the effects of stress on testosterone levels. Don’t hesitate to contact Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson today if you’re concerned abo…Read More

  4. How to Battle Your Seasonal Allergies

    Are you struggling with seasonal allergies? You are in good company. Doctors think that about 50 million people in the United States suffer from seasonal allergies, and those numbers seem to be getting higher every year. Allergy symptoms can quickly move beyond a simple runny nose or some sneezing and escalate to the point that symptoms render you unable to work or participate in activities. Some …Read More

  5. Arthritis Self-Care

    If you have recently been diagnosed with arthritis, you may be worried about how this will affect you. While arthritis invariably changes your life, there are ways in which you can cope with it and live normally. At Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson, we can help you manage your arthritis pain. In the meantime, here are some self-care tips for coping with your arthritis: Eat healthily Studies show …Read More

  6. Can Weight Loss Change Your Life For The Better?

    Weight loss is one of the first things that people turn to when they are looking to improve their lives. Shedding excess weight improves self image as well as improves health and well-being. Exercise is also one of the things that health professionals prescribe on a daily basis. Aside from just doling out  healthcare, prescriptions, and stitching up wounds, the men’s health services in Tucson …Read More

  7. Medication and Cholesterol Control

    High cholesterol is becoming more of a problem within the United States. Now that more foods include saturated fats and other harmful preserving agents, the health of the American is at risk. It is also true that many Americans lead sedentary lifestyles which also increases the likelihood of high cholesterol. Thankfully with diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes, high cholesterol issues may be ma…Read More

  8. Managing Cholesterol Naturally

    High cholesterol has become a huge problem with many detrimental effects. Unfortunately, many people do not fully understand how high cholesterol developes. More and more Americans are being affected by high levels of cholesterol which will then cause clogging of the arteries. Since high cholesterol levels are precursors to heart disease and other serious health effects, Americans need to learn ho…Read More

  9. Combatting Sleep Apnea

    Sleep apnea is becoming a major health concern for many American men. It seems as though the incidence of sleep apnea continues to grow steadily each year. Sleep apnea is a disturbance of breathing during sleep. Since sleep apnea causes sudden cessation of breathing, it can be cause for concern. There are two different forms of sleep apnea that can be treated by different Tucson men’s health ser…Read More

  10. Standards for Safe Weight Loss

    One of the most common questions that men will ask their physicians at Men’s Vitality Clinic in Tucson is how they can safely lose weight. Weight loss can change the lives of so many people. Excess weight can lead to many different health problems including diabetes, heart disease, and joint problems. Physicians will offer Tucson men’s health services that fall in line with safe weight loss. W…Read More