Testosterone is an incredibly important sexual hormone that is responsible for many aspects of men’s health. Men that are affected by the negative side effects of low testosterone have many options when it comes to testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson, AZ. Each form of testosterone replacement therapy has both advantages and disadvantages. Talking with your physician at Men’s Vitality Center will help you develop the proper testosterone replacement therapy treatment plan.

Many men have a hard time deciding on the proper testosterone replacement therapy when there are hundreds of different choices. With all of the media surrounding low testosterone and new treatment options popping up almost daily, how do you choose the right form? Most physicians will rely on treatment options that have shown to be successful over the years, sometimes the best therapies are the oldest therapies.

  1. Buccal: This is a pill that is inserted in the mouth between the upper gum and the lip. Press the lip over the pill for upwards of 30 seconds. This form of testosterone replacement therapy must be completed twice per day.
  2. Intramuscular: This is a liquid injection that must be injected into large muscle groups (glutes, quad) by a qualified medical professional. Injection schedules depend on blood tests. Typically these injections are given weekly, bimonthly, or monthly and will be ordered by a physician.
  3. Transdermal Gel: This is a topical gel that is applied to clean and dry skin. It is typically applied to the underarms or another part of the body that is not touched often. This treatment is applied daily by the patient.
  4. Transdermal Cream: This is a topical cream that is applied to clean and dry skin. Much like the gel, it is applied to a chosen area, once per day.
  5. Transdermal Patch: This is a topical patch is applied at night to clean and dry skin. The patch should be applied to the back, upper arm, stomach, or thighs. It will be replaced at the same time, 24 hours later.

Other, less popular forms of testosterone replacement therapy options in Tucson also include implants that last up to 6 months. Only the patient and the treating physician can come up with a proper treatment plan. If you have questions or concerns about your testosterone levels, call Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson, today!