Every single commercial driver in the United States must renew their commercial license through the Department of Transportation. Drivers of commercial vehicles must be as healthy and safe on the road as possible. renewal must be completed every two years. Prior to a license renewal each driver must pass a strict medical examination. A DOT Physical can only be performed by a qualified medical professional.

All of the criteria within a medical examination must be passed for a full two year license. Provisional (up to 1 year) licenses can be given to those who have certain pre-existing conditions that necessitate regular follow-ups. Individuals who suffer from pre-existing conditions must receive letters from their medical professionals clearing them for active driving duties.

While some individuals are granted provisional licenses for medication use and certain diseases, others will not pass. Anyone who suffers from uncontrolled medical conditions such as diabetes, sleep apnea, and blood pressure above 160/90 will be disqualified. Individuals who fail either of their vision or hearing tests will also be unable to renew their license. Diabetics who rely on insulin injections will be disqualified without also submitting a waiver form. Those who have a history of seizure and epilepsy will not be qualified. Blood and urine tests are also completed to test for controlled medications and substances. Any individual who tests positive for amounts (even trace) of controlled substances will lose the ability to renew their license. Even medical marijuana is considered banned by the DOT.

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