The Department of Transportation is the governing body that licenses commercial drivers across the country. Each driver holds on to their commercial drivers license for a period of two years before they must, pass a medical exam. The DOT physical can only be administered and signed off by a qualified medical professional.

Commercial drivers are not only responsible for their own lives, they are liable for whatever they are hauling, the vehicles the drive, and the individuals that drive with them. As such, they must be in good physical health to maintain their commercial license. Certain medical conditions, diseases, and illness will either disqualify a driver, or shorten their license terms. Many drivers are looking for a way to prepare all the necessary documents for their medical exam.

DOT Physicals award licenses for a period of up to two years. When your license renewal approaches, call your doctors office to set up a full physical within 3 months of the due date. If an individual suffers from asthma they will need to undergo a spirometry test. Call ahead to your physician’s office to make sure that they can accommodate this request. Those who suffer from sleep apnea will need documentation showing that they are being effectively treated. Blood tests should be taken with 1-2 weeks of your appointment for your physician to interpret. This is especially important for those who suffer from diabetes as the numbers will need to be reported to the Department of Transportation. Uncontrolled diabetes is grounds for disqualification.

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