Proper preparation for your upcoming Department of Transportation physical can mean less wait time, decreased stress, and proper filing times. Your DOT physical does not have to be a stressful time if you know what to expect. Read more about preparedness in the first part of this series.

Individuals who have suffered from a heart attack, other cardiovascular diseases, or surgery will need full clearance from all treating physicians. The Department of Transportation will also require specific testing such as a cardiac stress test, before license renewal will be completed. Contact your cardiologist to set up a stress-test and receive a clearance letter. Any individual who is on a blood-thinning medication regime will need to have a copy of their latest PT/INR results. Also, different medications can be prescribed for reasons not related to a disqualifying disorder. Those who are prescribed seizure medications for reasons other than a seizure must receive a letter stating why the medication was prescribed. Seizures are a reason for disqualification.

Limited licenses will be given to those who are healthy but have history of; high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, cardiovascular diseases, certain surgeries, and those who take specific medications. These limited licenses will be awarded for no more than 1 year. Many times the DOT requires  physician follow-up appointments to qualify for a limited license. Licenses will not be renewed to those who suffer from uncontrolled diabetes, seizures, substance abuse, certain mental conditions, or uncontrolled sleep apnea.

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