Weight loss is one of the major health issues that most Americans face. When you are constantly on the move it is hard to get into a healthy routine. Skipping meals, skipping the gym, eating less than nutritious food, irregular sleeping patterns, alcohol and many other bad habits can all negatively affect overall health. Unhealthy lifestyles are not the only cause of irregular weight gain in men. Diseases, glandular diseases, and other dysfunction may contribute to your irregular weight gain.

If you have spent years battling weight issues, it is time to change your life. Those extra pounds may be hurting you. Turn to Tucson Men’s Health Services at Men’s Vitality Clinic. Physician guided weight loss for men may be exactly what you need. Physicians will tailor a medical weight loss program to your specific medical conditions, past medical history, medications, etc. It’s time to ask your physician about shedding those extra pounds that are negatively affecting your life. Physician guided weight loss will follow you through your entire journey. Periodic blood tests will show the progression of your cholesterol levels, glucose levels, testosterone levels, etc.

An abnormal body weight may cause illness and diseases you hadn’t thought about. Diabetes might be the issue that most people worry about when they are overweight, but there are others. Erectile Dysfunction could be a side effect of being overweight. Scientifically speaking, men who live a sedentary lifestyle are at a higher risk for low testosterone levels. Talk to your personal physician at Men’s Vitality Clinic in Tucson, AZ today. You can finally get a handle on your weight issues.