High cholesterol is becoming more of a problem within the United States. Now that more foods include saturated fats and other harmful preserving agents, the health of the American is at risk. It is also true that many Americans lead sedentary lifestyles which also increases the likelihood of high cholesterol. Thankfully with diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes, high cholesterol issues may be manageable. High cholesterol is a silent disorder that has no outward symptoms. The only way to learn that you suffer from high cholesterol is to visit your physician. Tucson men’s health services at Men’s Vitality Center offers routine blood tests to determine good vs. bad cholesterol within the blood.

High cholesterol is a precursor to heart disease and when left untreated, devastating medical conditions may arise. While diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes can improve levels of good cholesterol, it may not be enough to counteract high cholesterol. Medications that are prescribed by a medical doctor may be necessary for some that suffer from high cholesterol. These medications, when paired with a healthy diet and lifestyle, have been shown to be incredibly effective at managing cholesterol issues.

Medications that control high cholesterol levels are known as “statins”. These medications cause the body to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol production in the liver. These medications also work a little like good cholesterol and help with the natural re-absorption of bad cholesterol. This re-absorption will help decrease the plaque build up along the walls of the arteries.

While medication may be an option for some people, not all medications works the same for everyone. It is very important to discuss all medications with your physician at Men’s Vitality Center prior to beginning any regimen. Tucson men’s health services at Men’s Vitality Center are dedicated to helping men of all ages live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Schedule your appointment today!