Excess weight should always be taken seriously. Even carrying a few extra pounds around the midsection can shorten your lifespan and increase your risk of developing diabetes and other serious health problems. Clinical obesity is a chronic disease generally defined by a person’s body mass index, or BMI. Your BMI is a function of your height and weight, and people who weigh more than 20 percent of their ideal body weight are considered obese.

In today’s post, we will explain just a few of the ways that obesity harms your health. If you’re concerned about your weight, or if you are interested in beginning a managed weight loss program, contact an associate at Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson. Our men’s health experts can help you restore your well-being, call to schedule an appointment today!

Low Testosterone

One of the most troubling consequences of obesity in men is low testosterone levels. Nearly three-quarters of obese men are expected to have lower-than-average testosterone levels, and this statistic applies to men of all ages. Obesity and low testosterone levels are linked in an insidious and circular way. Obesity suppresses the body’s release of testosterone and causes overall testosterone levels to drop. Low testosterone levels cause muscular atrophy and slow down the body’s metabolism, making it difficult to lose weight. Combined with the chronic fatigue caused by low testosterone, obese men often find themselves trapped in a vicious downward cycle that only be treated by a professional. Managed weight loss programs for men are one of the most effective ways to combat the symptoms caused by chronic obesity.


Numerous studies have shown that obesity also causes depression in direct and indirect ways. As we noted in the previous section, obesity causes testosterone levels to decline. Cognitive problems, including depression, are some of the most noticeable symptoms caused by low testosterone levels. The social stigma and social isolation that can come from being ashamed of one’s body can also contribute to low self esteem in obese patients, and these feelings are often manifested as depressive symptoms.

Heart Disease

Obesity is strongly linked to heart disease, and it can cause cardiovascular problems in direct and indirect ways. When your body is in a healthy weight range, your blood is able to flow freely and easily throughout the body. Obesity causes your body to work significantly harder to circulate your blood, which is the condition known as “high blood pressure.” Even a slight elevation in blood pressure is enough to put you at risk of developing heart disease, and obese men tend to have chronically and constantly elevated blood pressure.

While these three symptoms are prominent effects of obesity, they are only a few of the most harmful consequences of obesity. If you are overweight or obese, you don’t have to manage your symptoms and attempt to lose weight on your own. Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson offers managed weight loss programs for men, and we’ve helped hundreds of men lose weight and restore their health. Call our Tucson office today to schedule an appointment!

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