Weight loss is one of the first things that people turn to when they are looking to improve their lives. Shedding excess weight improves self image as well as improves health and well-being. Exercise is also one of the things that health professionals prescribe on a daily basis. Aside from just doling out  healthcare, prescriptions, and stitching up wounds, the men’s health services in Tucson at Men’s Vitality Center encompass physician guided weight loss for patients that are looking to improve their lives. We all know how hard it can be to lose weight but with a professional in your corner it may prove to be much more beneficial.

Here are some of the health benefits that are associated with safe weight loss through Men’s Vitality Center:

  • Improve knee pain: Weight loss for patients with osteoarthritis of the knee is extremely beneficial. Extra weight causes more stress on weight bearing joints (knee). Weight loss improves knee pain and makes it easier to get up and move around.
  • Lower blood pressure: Excess weight increases blood pressure and the stress on the heart. This excess weight also increases the likelihood of stroke and heart attack. More often than not, dropping weight improves blood pressure and decreases the likelihood of heart disease. Some individuals have even been able to stop taking their blood pressure medication when they drop enough weight!
  • Improve your A1C numbers: Diabetics usually improve the quality of their lives when they decrease their body weight. Weight loss improves insulin sensitivity. Some type 2 diabetics can even cut back or cut out their medications with the proper weight loss.
  • Improve cholesterol: Weight loss will improve LDL and HDL numbers. A significant drop in LDL with an increase in HDL levels can drop the risk of heart disease.
  • Improve your sex life: Excess weight has been shown to affect insulin sensitivity and testosterone levels. Weight loss may improve both of these numbers.

To learn more about the men’s health services in Tucson, including physician guided weight loss, contact men’s Vitality Center. We look forward to helping you improve your life!