Cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death in the United States. It is time that we change that statistic. Too many Americans are living a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to a build-up LDL (low density lipoproteins) in the blood vessels. LDL cholesterol is a detriment to your overall health. An excess of bad cholesterol can lead to a heart attack, or stroke from plaque build-up. Your physician at your Tucson Men’s Health Clinic-Men’s Vitality Clinic, can answer any of your questions regarding cholesterol.

Managing your cholesterol may be a lot easier than you would imagine. Although the lifestyle changes may be harder to follow. Speak to your physician about your health issues. Their expertise will put you on the right track. Before beginning a medication regime, you should start with a lifestyle change. Diet and exercise can go a long way to decreasing your LDL and increasing your HDL (or good cholesterol) levels.

Taking medication to reduce your LDL is not an end-all. You will still need to make significant changes to lifestyle and diet. Decreasing your excess body weight is the number one thing you can do to change your overall health. If you are a smoker, your doctor will most likely tell you to try to quit. Once you make simple changes, such as cutting out unnecessary sugars, you can learn to take more advanced health steps.

You should always try to increase your health through natural methods. Diet and exercise can be your savior. In some instances, it may not be enough. If this is the case your physician can prescribe you a medication that will work with your diet and exercise program to lower your LDL levels.