Heart disease (or cardiovascular disease) is responsible for more deaths among men than any other disease or condition. Heart disease is a general term that encompasses many disorders of the heart and blood vessels. Cholesterol and high blood pressure are very important when looked at in regards to heart and blood vessel health. Heart disease can truly affect the way in which men will live their lives. Visiting the physicians at a Tucson men’s health clinic can help men by teaching them how to manage their heart disease.

When people hear the term “heart disease” they often think about heart attacks or stroke. These are very common forms of heart disease. Men that are afflicted by heart disease commonly have high LDL levels within their blood. These high levels can lead to plaque buildup within the arteries. The narrowing of the blood vessels will inevitably lead to heart attacks or strokes without proper treatment.

As soon as a man is diagnosed with high cholesterol levels his doctor will likely recommend lifestyle changes. Food that you once loved might have to be cut out. No more saturated fatty foods. Physicians will suggest that a man begin to eat foods that are healthy; salads, fish, etc. Smoking is also a habit that will need to be stopped when heart disease is diagnosed. Exercise is also extremely important so men that were once sedentary can look forward to an exercise program.

Of course lifestyle changes are only one way to manage heart disease. Visit your physician at Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson to learn more about heart disease management. It is time that you chose to a physician at a Tucson men’s health clinic that focuses all of their energy on male health issues!