Diabetes is a health problem that is on the rise. Over the years diabetes have been diagnosed in millions of Americans. Diabetes affects men and women of all ages.  Health professionals believe that diabetes is undiagnosed in millions of American men and women. Unfortunately for men, diabetes can have more negative side effects than those strictly associated with blood glucose levels. Finding a men’s health clinic in Tucson that can help treat and manage diabetes is incredibly important to a man’s overall health and quality of life. Men’s Vitality Center offers men in and around Tucson a location in which they can freely discuss their diabetes and its negative side effects.

Men that are suffering through diabetes may also begin to suffer from sexual side effects such as erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction may occur when diabetes is uncontrolled or is not well maintained through a current treatment plan. Uncontrolled diabetes can cause vascular problems to occur over time. Limited blood flow to the penis will hinder any erection that a man may have which leads to erectile dysfunction. Since sexual function and uncontrolled diabetes go hand-in-hand, it is best to seek out a men’s health clinic in Tucson that will effectively manage your case of diabetes.

Aside from affecting sexual health, uncontrolled diabetes can lead to very negative side effects; stroke, heart attack, neuropathy, advanced kidney disease, etc. Diabetes affects everyone differently so it is important to visit a men’s health clinic in Tucson that will work specifically with you to come up with an effective management program that fits your lifestyle. Men’s Vitality Center makes it a point to help men manage their chronic diseases through proper education, lifestyle changes, medication regimens, and follow up appointments.