Avid runners are in a class all their own. Runners are notorious for pushing through pain. The old adage “No Pain, No Gain” is a mantra that many runners recite on a daily basis. Unfortunately runners tend to have a few complaints after pushing through pain for too long. A Tucson sports medicine clinic, such as Men’s Vitality Center can help runners get back to their normal training regimen!

No athlete is immune to injuries. It is not a matter of “if” but “when” an injury will occur. Many injuries are mildly troublesome while others can be much more severe. A lot of runners suffer from plantar fasciitis, an injury to the fibrous plantar fascia that is located on the bottom of the foot. This is an overuse injury and can be treated with activity modification, and other treatment options. Tendonitis is also another common overuse injury that affects the tendons of the lower leg. Activity modification, physical therapy, stretching and anti-inflammatory medication can help decrease pain issues.

Shin splints are a pretty common, ongoing injury that runners deal with for years. Shin splints cause lower leg pain due to the inflammation of the soft tissue. Activity modification, strength training, and stretching can help relieve shin splints. Stress fractures are also incredibly common among the running population. These overuse related bone injuries can occur in the feet or the lower leg. Lower leg stress fractures are often mistaken for shin splints and proper medical care is put off. Without proper activity modification a complete fracture of the affected bone may occur. Exertional compartment syndrome is an overuse injury that plagues distance runners. Compartment syndrome causes the muscles of the lower leg to swell and decrease blood supply of the lower leg. This syndrome necessitates surgical intervention.

If you are an avid runner and are pushing through lower leg/foot pain, seek out the help of a Tucson sports medicine facility. The physicians at Men’s Vitality Center can help treat your injuries!