Gender stereotypes are very real but not for the reasons that you would assume. While men may be the “bigger and stronger” sex, they are also the weaker sex when it comes to health. There are also very common health problems that affect men at a much higher rate than their female counterparts. There are also health problems that only affect men. With this being said, when was the last time that you took advantage of the men’s internal health services at Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson, AZ? Chances are pretty good that it has been too long for comfort.

The huge leaps that have been made in regards to women’s and men’s health services within the past 100 years have significantly improved life expectancy rates. Unfortunately, the male sex still falls short of their female counterparts. Men fall short of women on an average of 5 years. There are a variety of factor that play into this discrepancy but maybe the most notable difference is that men tend to put themselves in harms way more than their female counterparts. Also, men tend to put off preventative men’s internal health services at a higher rate than women.

Another thing that sets men apart from women when it comes to health is the list of health problems that affect men at a higher rate, or exclusively affect men. While men and women both produce testosterone, men are the only ones that suffer from low testosterone problems. Men exclusively suffer from testicular cancer and prostate problems. Men also suffer from higher rates of high blood pressure and cholesterol issues!

In order to head off these problems before they become life threatening it is important to seek professional medical expertise. The physicians at Men’s Vitality Center have been offering superb men’s internal health services for years. Call today to make an appointment.