Men have unique health concerns that require special attention. At Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson, Arizona, we are experts in men’s health, and we are here to provide any medical information that you may need in order to make good health choices. One such choice you make on a daily basis is your diet. Here, we have outlined some of the best foods to eat for men’s health:

Lean Red Meat
Contrary to popular belief, moderate intake of red meat is actually good for you, provided you opt for lean cuts. Beef and pork are packed with protein, and lean cuts are only slightly fattier than chicken breast. Red meat also works as a source of leucine, which helps build muscle.

Chocolate actually has many health benefits, provided you are eating the right kind in moderation. Dark chocolate may help lower bad cholesterol, improve circulation, and lower blood pressure. If you struggle with erectile dysfunction, the flavanols in dark chocolate may be just what you need to increase blood flow to your penis. Stick to 1-ounce of dark chocolate a day to avoid weight gain.

Shellfish is rich with zinc, which is an important mineral for the muscles, heart, and male reproductive system. Low levels of zinc have been associated with poor sperm quality and male infertility. Other sources of zinc include beef, chicken, nuts, and seeds, if you aren’t fond of seafood.

Eating these foods may have a positive effect on your health, but so would coming into Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson for a men’s health exam. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!