The Department of Transportation sets strict parameters that each of their licensed drivers must meet in order to keep their licenses up to date. Every 24 months (on average) every driver must take a physical examination that meets the criteria set forth by the Department of Transportation. These women’s and men’s health physicals in Tucson and other cities must be complete by licensed medical professionals. While the normal certification period is 24 months for those who pass the examination, others may receive temporary licenses.

According to the Department of Transportation medical examination, men and women must be in excellent health in order to receive a 24 month license. During your men’s health physical examination in Tucson, certain findings will mean that a temporary license will be issued. The Department of Transportation wants to ensure that all drivers will be as safe as possible while on the road. For individuals with chronic diseases, drug problems, or other medical issues, safety might be an issue. Seriously ill or impaired drivers may cause accidents or extreme damage for which the Department of Transportation would be responsible.

One of the most common medical conditions that leads to a temporary license is uncontrolled blood pressure. Readings under 140/90 will receive a full two year license. For individuals who are found to have blood pressure reading between 141/91-159/99, a one year license will be given. Any blood pressure reading of 160/100 will receive a temporary license of 3 months and the driver must visit their doctor on a regular basis. Also individuals who have certain medical conditions that need further testing, a temporary license may be issued by the Department of Transportation

Men’s health physicals in Tucson can be performed in a timely manner by the physicians at Men’s Vitality Clinic. Call us today to arrange your Department of Transportation physical examination!