Though there has been controversy over whether or not vaccinations should be required for children, the truth is that vaccines are important for both children and adults. Here are the top reasons you should get vaccinated at Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson today:

The diseases vaccines prevent haven’t gone away.

Vaccines were invented to prevent certain viruses and bacteria from infecting people and causing illness and even death. Though vaccines have significantly reduced the spread of these diseases, they still exist today. Diseases can travel very quickly, and when people don’t get vaccinated, they spread much quicker.

Vaccines help you stay healthy.

Not getting vaccinated leaves you susceptible to illnesses such as influenza, pneumococcal disease, shingles, HPV, and hepatitis B. It is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that you are vaccinated regularly throughout your life in order to protect yourself from many diseases.

Vaccines are equally important to your overall health as nutrition and physical activity.

Just as you must eat healthy, exercise, and get regular physical exams, vaccines are an essential part of staying healthy. Not only are vaccines a convenient preventative measure against disease, they are essential for the protection of your health.

Vaccines save lives.

Vaccines were invented because of the great danger of the infections they prevent. Around 50,000 adults in the United States die each year from diseases that could be prevented by vaccines.

Vaccines are perfectly safe.

Vaccines in the United States are extremely safe due to the extensive research done on them and the rigid post-licensure surveillance system required. Vaccines are actually one of the safest types of products in medicine.

Vaccines don’t give you the disease that they prevent.

Contrary to what you might have heard, vaccines don’t cause you to “catch” a disease. Some of the vaccines contain the virus but it is not live, meaning that it is not possible to catch the actual disease. Others contain a live but weakened version of the virus that is also designed so that you cannot catch the disease.

Even if you are young and healthy, you can still get sick.

While it is true that infants and elderly people are at the greatest risk for serious infections and complications from these infections, anyone can catch vaccine-preventable diseases. Even if you are young and healthy, it is important to get vaccinated in order to maintain your health.

Vaccine-preventable diseases can be expensive.

Illnesses of any kind can cause you to miss work. The flu typically lasts for two weeks, usually causing about five or six missed work days. On average, adults with hepatitis A lose a month of work.

Contracting a vaccine-preventable disease puts your loved ones at risk too.

If you don’t care about your own health, think of your friends and family. If you contract a vaccine-preventable disease, they are at risk too. If you have any young children or elderly people in your family, it could be fatal for them. Getting vaccinated protects both you and your loved ones from harm.

At Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson, we care about your health and well-being. Come in for a physical exam and to be vaccinated today.