The Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination may be one of the most strict physical examinations in the United States. Since commercial drivers spend long periods of time on the road, their health is very important. Many different medical conditions can cause disqualification, or a 6-12 month licensure instead of the normal 24 month license. When the Department of Transportation license renewal approaches, seek out men’s health physical in Tucson at Men’s Vitality Clinic. They can complete DOT physicals in a timely manner.

While some of the medical disqualifications are well documented, other, less common, medical problems may cause disqualification. Abnormal muscle weakness may necessitate medical disqualification for many reasons. Typically it is not the muscle weakness that is the problem, muscle weakness tends to be the result of an underlying medical condition that is untreated. A medical practitioner will test grip strength, this is an important aspect of the Department of Transportation physician since the driver will be gripping a steering wheel for long hours. Decreased strength will show that a driver may not be able to maintain control in an emergency situation.

Muscle weakness of the lower extremities may lead a practitioner to a medical condition that has been left untreated; herniated discs, neurological deficits, etc. Muscle weakness can also go hand in hand with abnormalities in reflexes and neurologic function. Any muscle weakness in the extremities should be noted and the patient should be sent for further testing. The Department of Transportation cannot allow a driver on the road unless they can handle driving for long periods of time, and can maintain control in an emergency situation.

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