A CDL license is given to commercial drivers by the Department of Transportation. In order to receive a license from the Department of Transportation, all drivers must take (and pass) a strict physical examination. This physical examination must be completed every 24 months. These physicals can only be completed by an approved Department of Transportation medical examiner. To receive your men’s health physicals in Tucson, visit Men’s Vitality Clinic.

Many people wonder about the medical requirements that are set forth in the Department of Transportation, CDL physicals. They standards are simple and make sense. The Department of Transportation wants to ensure that all drivers are as safe as possible while they are on the road. Drivers must pass an eye examination with at least 20/40 corrected vision in both eyes. This means that glasses, contacts, and post-surgical are okay as long as the corrected vision meets 20/40 standards. Drivers must also have blood pressure under 140/90 in order to have a full 24 month license. A one year license will be approved for people with a blood pressure reading of 140/90-159/99.

A medical evaluation for the Department of Transportation will also require blood work, urine testing, and drug testing. All applicants must pass with a blood glucose level less than 200. The Department of Transportation will not allow a license to be given to an individual that has tested positive for any kind of illegal substances.

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