The time may be quickly approaching for those who are licensed through the Department of Transportation (DOT) to undergo their physical examination. Due to the Department of Transportation’s strict guidelines, each driver must undergo a physical every 24 months to maintain their license. Commercial drivers spend a long time on the road so their health is of the utmost importance. Men’s health physicals in Tucson at Men’s Vitality Center can help long haul drivers complete their DOT physicals in a timely manner.

These women’s and men’s health physicals for the DOT were designed to detect any physical, emotional or mental impairments that can affect a driver. DOT physicals ensure that only the safest commercial drivers receive their license through the Department of Transportation. Here are some of the physical regulations that are required by the Department of Transportation in order to receive a license of license renewal:

  • Drivers must have 20/40 vision to be allowed to receive their license. 20/40 corrected vision is also acceptable.
  • No insulin-dependent diabetic drivers will be allowed to receive their license. Well controlled diabetes (non insulin-dependent) will be able to receive their license.
  • Uncontrolled (180/100 or above) blood pressure will necessitate disqualification.
  • Blood sugar levels must be under 200 in order to receive medical clearance to drive.
  • Any drug or alcohol abuse (even narcotic pain medication) will cause a medical disqualification.
  • Certain cardiovascular conditions may cause a medical disqualification.
  • Recent surgical interventions may be a cause for medical disqualification.
  • Individuals that have been diagnosed with Narcolepsy will not be able to receive their license through the DOT.

These are a few of the conditions which will cause medical disqualification. Other medical conditions may necessitate a shorter license period (6-12 months). To schedule your next men’s health physicals in Tucson, contact Men’s Vitality Center.