Men’s health physicals in Tucson can encompass much more than just the yearly physical and blood testing. The physicians at Men’s Vitality Clinic in Tucson can also take of the Department of Transportation physicals with ease! Since every licensed driver for the Department of Transportation needs to be reevaluated every 24 months to renew their license, these physicals are incredibly important.

While many Department of Transportation drivers have gone through the physical examinations more than once, others have very little idea about what happens during these physicals. In order to keep the highest standard of safety, the Department of Transportation is much more strict about they physical examinations than other entities. Here are a few things that everyone who is facing a Department of Transportation physical should know:

  1. You will be drug tested: Testing for banned substances is a very important aspect of the Department of Transportation physical examination. Any banned substances that are found will mean a license will be revoked.
  2. You will need to give a urine sample: The urine sample is used primarily to test for excess glucose in the urine. Excess glucose within the urine could be a sign of uncontrolled diabetes.
  3. Some physical examinations will only allow for a temporary license: Certain medical and health related issues will warrant a temporary (not the normal 24 month) license.
  4. Blood pressure matters: The Department of Transportation has set guidelines for blood pressure among drivers. Blood pressure that is found to be too high will either warrant a temporary license or a non-renewal of a license.
  5. Medical conditions will disqualify you: Not ALL medical conditions will mean a non-renewal. Medical conditions such as insulin-dependant type 2 diabetes, poor vision, epilepsy, or drug-dependency mental disorders will be cause for a disqualification.
  6. Not all physicians are the same: Only certain medical facilities will complete the Department of Transportation physicals. These physical examinations can only be signed off by a medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, physicians assistant, or a nurse practitioner.

For questions about your upcoming men’s health physical in Tucson, call Men;s Vitality Clinic. Make sure that you set an appointment before it is too late!