The Department of Transportation (DOT) has made it a point to keep their drivers in the best state of health for their own safety and the safety of others. During long drives and cross country trips, only drivers who are healthy can safely make these trips. This is one of the reasons why The Department of Transportation has mandated that their drivers take, and pass, a physical examination every 24 months. Men who are in need of a men’s health physicals can turn to the physicians at Men’s Vitality Clinic in Tucson.

There are many different diseases or medical conditions that can disqualify individuals from receiving their license through the Department of Transportation. Up until 2003, men and women who suffered from type 1 diabetes were not allowed to receive their DOT license. As of 2005, this law was repealed, but those who suffer from type 1 diabetes must still jump through hoops in order to get their CDL license. The Department of Transportation, along with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), allows potential drivers an “exemption” for their type 1 diabetes. The Diabetes Exemption Program reviews each type 1 diabetic case as it’s own individual assessment. The DOT and FMCSA must then determine if a type 1 diabetic has a steady A1C level between 7-10%. This A1C level shows that an insulin-dependent diabetic has well-controlled type 1 diabetes, and is therefore safe to drive.

To learn more about Department of Transportation physicals, or to schedule an appointment, contact Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson. We at Men’s Vitality Center have ample experience with Department of Transportation men’s health physicals and will ensure that all paperwork and testing will be complete to DOT standards. Do not wait until your DOT physical deadline is upon you, schedule your appointment, and get the stress out of the way.