Any man or women that works as a driver through the Department of Transportation knows that they must undergo a physical examination every 24 months. Some of these drivers that are plagued by medical issues may need to undergo these physicals at shorter intervals. Regardless, these physical examinations are incredibly important and can only be completed by qualified medical professionals. For those that need these women’s and men’s health physicals in Tucson should turn to the physicians at Men’s Vitality Center.

Long haul truckers and other commercial drivers spend significant periods of time on the road. This means that any health related issues that may affect their ability to drive must be known to the Department of Transportation. Physical examinations are completed to ensure safe driving by licensed drivers. When safety is a main concern the only individuals that should be charged with overseeing these examinations are licensed medical professionals. These men’s health physicals in Tucson should be completed by a medical examiner that has a very thorough history and grasp of the physical examination standards. Before this rule was enacted there was a higher chance of medical problems falling through the cracks.

In order to become a certified medical examiner for women’s and men’s health physical in Tucson through the Department of Transportation, one must undergo a training and certification process. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) over 22,000 medical professionals are currently certified within the United States. The medical professionals at Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson can take their patients through Department of Transportation physicals with ease! Call today to make your appointment!