Department of Transportation physicals are a highly specialized physical examination that is required by the Department of Transportation. Each driver that is licensed through the Department of Transportation must pass this physical (on average) every 24 months. While the physical qualifications may be specialized, the medical examination can be completed by any healthcare professional that is qualified. In order to complete the Department of Transportation, Men’s Vitality Clinic offers men’s health physicals in Tucson.

Every individual who must take the Department of Transportation must know a couple of things before they head in to their men’s health physicals in Tucson. One of the most important things about this specialized physical is that a drug test is very important. Every single individual must pass the drug test in order to receive their license. This drug test will test for the presence of amphetamines, marijuana, opiates, cocaine, and PCP.

A successful completion of this Department of Transportation physical does not necessarily mean that a license will be valid for two years. Certain medical disorders, results on blood tests, and other medical examination findings may result in a reduced license. For instance, a blood pressure reading of up 140/90-159/99 will receive a one year license. Any blood pressure reading that is higher than 160/100 will receive a three month license and will necessitate regular visits with a primary care physician. Also, individuals with diabetes may receive a temporary license until the diabetes is under control.

Men’s health physicals in Tucson can be performed by the doctors at Men’s Vitality Clinic. We offer convenient appointment times, and we will take all of the stress out of the Department of Transportation physical process. Call us today for an appointment!