Every individual understands that physicals are a way for the physician and the patient to track health changes from year to year. These appointments focus on disease screening, risk of health problems (heart disease, diabetes, etc.), vaccine updates, and the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. When these appointments are kept on a regular basis it is much easier to maintain good health and proper management of diseases or disorders. Completing a men’s health physical in Tucson is a fantastic idea for men of any age! Men’s Vitality Center offers flexible appointments and fantastic physicians!

Adult males, over the age of 18, should have a men’s health physical completed in Tucson about every two years. This is the same recommendation for every male between 18 and 39 years of age. This two year window shortens to one year if high blood pressure,or other medical conditions are noted. Men, ages 40-64, should be visiting the physician every two years unless there are are other medical conditions or disorders present. Cholesterol levels for these men should be checked every five years unless high cholesterol or family heredity are determined. Males over the age of 50 will begin a prostate exam during their routine men’s health physics in Tucson. Males over the age of 65 are advised to see their physician on a yearly basis to undergo a physical examination. These recommendations may change based off of medical necessity or medication use. Speaking to your physician at Men’s Vitality Clinic will give you a better sense of when you need to schedule your next physical examination.

Foregoing preventative care can be costly to the health of an individual. This is exactly why Men’s Vitality Center offers preventative men’s health physicals in Tucson starting at the age of 18. Whether you need a school, work, or insurance physical, we can help. We are also equipped to complete CDL physicals to renew your Department of Transportation license! Call today to schedule an appointment!