Testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson is a viable option for men that suffer from low testosterone. While men over 30 years will experience slight decreases in their natural testosterone production, these small decreases will not typically cause negative side effects. Other men will suffer from abnormal drops in natural testosterone production. These are the individuals that need testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson. Abnormally low testosterone levels can affect men of any age, and only a physician is qualified to make a low testosterone diagnosis.

With all of the technological advances in medicine, low testosterone is still underdiagnosed. This occurs because men will typically attribute their problems to other causes. Men who have decreased energy will tell their physicians that they are not sleeping, overworked, or stressed. The actual cause of this energy levels crisis may be abnormally low testosterone. Physicians are finding that men who are affected by the negative side effects of low testosterone will not visit their physician until they experience sexual side effects. Low testosterone levels can only be discovered through laboratory testing and physician interpretation of the results.

Natural declines in testosterone production do not need testosterone replacement therapy unless these drops are significant and causing negative side effects. Men that are experiencing changes in their appearance, sleep patterns, or sexual drive will usually benefit from testosterone replacement therapy. Bone density may become affected by lowered testosterone levels and this can lead to unnecessary fracturing. Energy and emotional health are closely linked to testosterone levels. As such, men who are suffering from emotional or physical problems should seek the advice of a medical professional. There is no reason to let your body suffer from the effects of low testosterone when there are viable treatment options available through the physicians at Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson.