Now that testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson and around the United States has been brought out into the spotlight, many men are seeking treatment for their low testosterone. Before it was well known that the negative side effects of low testosterone were far more widespread than sexual side effects, only men that had sexual problems would visit their physicians. Now with more knowledge around low testosterone, men are seeking out men’s health services from Men’s Vitality Center. There are many different forms of testosterone replacement therapy available to men that suffer from low testosterone.

In our last segment, we talked about the two most common forms of testosterone replacement therapy; injection and topical. In this segment, we will discuss less well-known treatment options. First there is the buccal tablets. These testosterone tablets must be placed in the mouth between the lip and the gum line. This method of testosterone replacement therapy usually affords better absorption than the topical application for certain men. Unfortunately, buccal tablets can cause gum line and mouth pain or irritation. Another, less well known form of testosterone replacement therapy that is available in Tucson is known as a transdermal patch. There are two different forms of transdermal patches; scrotal or body patch. Sometimes these patches have a lower absorption rate and can cause irritation of the application site. The last, and least known option comes as an implantable pellet. These pellets will be implanted under the skin at the abdomen, deltoid, or the thigh. The implantable pellets will release testosterone for up to 6 months. These are not common within the United States as they cannot be easily removed after implantation.

The men’s health services at Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson are second to none. Contact our physicians today if you have questions or concerns about your testosterone levels. We look forward to helping you manage your low testosterone and get back to living life normally!