Testosterone replacement therapy has many potential benefits to men with low testosterone levels. When you experience low testosterone levels, there are several unfortunate symptoms, including fatigue, reduced sex drive, loss of muscle mass, mood swings, and weight gain. Therefore, when you receive testosterone replacement therapy, improvements you may see include more energy, better sex drive, increased muscle mass, better moods, and weight loss. However, does this mean that testosterone replacement therapy could be used to promote weight loss in men?

Maybe. More extensive research is needed. However, in one recent British study, men with low T who were given testosterone supplements lost an average of 35 pounds over five years. Clearly, testosterone replacement therapy can aid certain men with weight loss, but the exact reason why this is is unknown. Therefore, testosterone replacement therapy cannot be prescribed to men solely for the goal of weight loss. There is no evidence to indicate that men with normal testosterone levels would lose weight by taking a testosterone supplement. However, if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms in addition to weight gain, it may be worth it to be tested for low testosterone to determine if this is the right course of action.

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