Testosterone replacement therapy is becoming much more commonplace in the United States. Men of any age can be affected by hypogonadism and many of these men will seek professional treatment. Most often, men seek treatment for low testosterone due to sexual side effects. Other negative side effects of low testosterone levels may not be as easily recognizable. Men’s Vitality Clinic offers different forms of testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson so that every man can feel confident in his chosen treatment route.

The most common testosterone replacement therapy option that is available is the intramuscular injection of testosterone. This is the oldest, most reliable, and most well-researched treatment option. It is also one of the most cost effective treatment options. Unfortunately this injection can only be given by a qualified medical professional so patients must make periodic trips to their physician’s office.

Topical testosterone replacement therapy options in Tucson are also quite popular. Men that prefer to stay out of the physician’s office, or have a phobia of needles, tend to lean towards topical application. More often than not, this topical cream or gel is applied to the upper arm or the shoulders. Unfortunately this topical application can be absorbed by other people if they come into contact with the application site. This option is not for everyone, some individuals may have difficulties absorbing the testosterone through their skin.

There are many different options when it comes to testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson. Coming to a decision on which treatment option to choose is a personal decision. When you need help, information, or medical counseling for low testosterone, visit you physician at Men’s Vitality Clinic. We can help men of any age come up with the proper treatment and management plan for their low testosterone!