Men that suffer from low testosterone can be affected in many noticeable ways. Sex drive may decrease, muscle tone may decrease, body fat may increase, and much more. Many men also suffer unseen side effects of low testosterone. These side effects will affect a man’s emotional well-being as well as their overall self confidence. Men that suffer from low testosterone often state that their self confidence began to plummet when they began to notice the physical effects of low testosterone. Suffering from low testosterone is not uncommon and thankfully there is help. Testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson at Men’s Vitality Center can help men regain their vitality!

Psychologically speaking, men begin to feel less self confident when they have been diagnosed with low testosterone. Since some men pride themselves on their sexual prowess, when they become unable to perform consistently in the bedroom, their confidence may plummet.  Low testosterone is also known to decrease energy levels which can also cause men to feel less than adequate. Men also tend to become depressed or less confident when their bodies begin to change; decreased muscle tone, tender or swollen breast tissue, increased body fat, etc. Feeling less masculine can cause a man to run to his doctors office to receive professional testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson.

The psychological side effects of low testosterone can be devastating to a man’s psyche. Even dealing with one of the above side effects is bad enough, more than one is truly difficult to deal with. Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson offers men of all ages medically-prescribed testosterone replacement therapy that can reverse the negative side effects of low testosterone. Contact our physicians today to set up an appointment!