Some of the negative side effects of low testosterone are quite noticeable to those that are affected, while other times the symptoms go unnoticed for long periods of time. While sexual side effects are some of the most common negative side effects of low testosterone, not all men that are affected by low testosterone experience sexual side effects. Men’s Vitality Center offer men’s health services that include testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson. These treatments can help men that are currently experiencing low testosterone side effects.

Testosterone is an incredibly important male hormone that is responsible for many functions of the body that are not linked to sexual performance. While decreased libido is often the first noticeable sign of low testosterone, it is not usually the only sign. Depression or other emotional changes may develop far before sexual side effects. Testosterone levels have a lot to do with how a man feels, and many men with low testosterone are often diagnosed with depression without considering testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson. Many men also tell their doctors that they feel “off” in one way or another. Often this means that their energy levels are low, and the find themselves sleeping or catnapping throughout the day. decreased energy is also a side effect of low testosterone levels.

Another outward sign of low testosterone may be decreased strength or muscle tone. Since testosterone is responsible for strength, muscle mass, and bone density, there can be many problems associated with musculature when testosterone levels are off. No changes in the exercise program, but a noticeable decrease in strength and muscle tone may be indicative of low testosterone, not a bad workout program.

The physicians at Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson can help men learn more about their testosterone levels. Some men may even be ideal candidates for testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson. Give our men’s health services a try, you might just improve your quality of life!