Many people think of low testosterone and erectile dysfunction as one and the same. Contrary to popular belief, these are two different, but very similar medical conditions. There is a belief in the medical world that low testosterone levels can affect erectile dysfunction but the cause is still unknown. Men often suffer from erectile dysfunction without also suffering from low testosterone levels. These men are not candidates for testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson, AZ. Men that suffer from erectile dysfunction as well as low testosterone levels may be able to improve their condition with testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability for the body to produce the necessary blood flow to the penis during arousal. This condition can be caused by a multitude of different medical conditions from high blood pressure to high cholesterol levels. Emotional state of an individual may also play a role in erectile dysfunction. Men that are depressed or suffer from increased levels of anxiety and stress may also develop erectile dysfunction.

Low testosterone levels are due to the body underproduction this very important male sex hormone. It can be due to illness, injury, normal aging, weight, pituitary disorders, and much more. Testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson may be an option for these men to reverse negative side effects associated with low testosterone levels. The negative side effects of low testosterone levels are; emotional changes, sexual side effects, decrease in muscular strength, decrease in muscle tone, increase in body fat, disturbances in sleep patterns, and much more. So you can see how low testosterone and erectile dysfunction are incredibly similar, so the confusion is warranted.

To learn more about erectile dysfunction or low testosterone, contact your physician at Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson. We can help diagnose and manage your erectile dysfunction or low testosterone. We truly look forward to helping you get your life back on track!